Models and modeling are basic to human play

Models and modeling are basic to human play. They are basic to a great many other human enterprises as well, for example, science (a diagram of a cell), architecture (model buildings), engineering (model bridges), art (the clay figure the sculptor makes before making the real statue), video and film (storyboards), writing (outlines), cooking (recipes), travel (maps), and many more.
p. 28

why are models and modeling important to learning?
Because while people learn from their interpreted experiences—as we have argued above—models and modeling allow specific aspects of experience to be interrogated and used for problem solving in ways that lead from concreteness to abstraction.[21]
p. 30

Gee, James Paul. “Learning and Games.

What can be modeled in Scratch?
(from the Science STAAR April 2015)

mirrors and image on an object

electric circuit
July 18, 2013
the user builds a circuit by placing the parts on the wires

electric circuit
by asnewbrain
Mar 1, 2015
electron movement is simulated

electric circuit
by Dan102
Feb 16, 2013


simple electric circuit

Nov 2010
drag and drop the two wires, the battery …




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