If you’re afraid about the Terminator …

How Close Are We Really To A Robot-Run Society?
August 20, 2015

Now the most important sort of new capabilities in the AI world is a software technology called machine learning, or deep learning.

You know, these are not perfect machines. And so there’s this big debate going on sort of amongst the philosophers of the ethics about whether you – you know, I guess it’s called the trolley problem – what happens if you can go down one path and if you go down this path, you’ll kill five people, and if you go down another path, you’ll only kill one person? And so how is the machine going to make this, you know, sort of gruesome, ethical decision?

after spending millions of dollars and working on these projects for two or three years, many of the robots had difficulty opening a door. And so that led Rod Brooks, who was there to see this final, sort of to comment by saying, you know, if you’re afraid about the Terminator or if you’re worried about the Terminator, just keep your door closed.

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