Center for Games & Impact

Center for Games & Impact
game-infused solutions to society’s biggest challenges

World of WarCraft

10:18 inspirational cultivation of “I can do this”

11:14 if we really want the cultivation of new people …
11:20 people to achieve their potential in the world
11:27 what is powerful is, normally you would see it come from inquiry-based, or project-based … it’s hard for one teacher

12:20 how we collect and leverage that experience along with lots of other experiences to make a better future

13:00 naive interpretations of what makes games so powerful: the idea of fun
it’s about an engaged and purposeful learner who has a goal and they’re going after it after receiveing copious feedback … and then letting them see the consequences of this new skill they’ve developed

13:55 When human spirit starts to see possibilities, you can have change.

When you have a teacher and your friends are talking about differences in how you expressed that possibility, that social interaction now makes it feel like I actually did a unique thing that was mine.

MITx: 11.127x Design and Development of Games for Learning


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