Developers Continue Push To Make VR …

Developers Continue Push To Make Virtual Reality Mainstream
March 08, 2015

“One of the interesting things about virtual reality is that it’s sort of this hybrid medium between a game and a movie,” Libreri says.

Libreri says they realized they had to change the dialog a bit if it was to work as an immersive experience.

“If we’d said you are Bilbo you would have felt a little bit weird because you would have heard this voice talking back to Smaug,” he says, “and it would have been like ‘hold on!’ I’m me. I’m not Bilbo.'”

Is Virtual Reality Gaming Destined For A Comeback?
June 12, 2013

The last time most video game players were excited about virtual reality was the 1990s.
Before Internet browsers were commonplace and game consoles were still actively marketed by the number of bits they could process, virtual reality held out the shimmering promise of the cyberspace envisioned by science fiction authors like William Gibson: The future was going to be accessed by way of immersive technology that would project digital avatars of ourselves into detailed virtual worlds.

The technology was excitedly talked about in techie magazines like Wired, but never quite materialized outside of arcades and college computer labs.

Instead, we all got PlayStations, Xboxes and mobile phones.
That is, until this year, when a small company, Oculus VR, revived game developers’ interest in virtual reality.
Just a few months ago, the company began shipping prototype versions of a new breed of virtual reality headset to the people who backed its crowdfunding campaign.

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