The lovely illusion that we’re significant

Being With People Like You Offers Comfort Against Death’s Chill
February 06, 2015

He started the project in August 2008. And just one month later, the stock market crashed. Iggy thought ShantiNiketan was doomed. He was trying to sell two-bedroom condos for $130,000, and across the street you could get a four-bedroom, single-family house for $100,000.

But, it turned out, the fact that Florida was in the worst housing crisis in the history of the state was not a problem at all. He sold out an entire wing of condos instantly.

That got us wondering, what had Iggy tapped into? What human impulse is more compelling than money?

… When we dive deep into our own category, what Greenberg thinks we’re actually getting is the lovely illusion that we’re significant, and we’re enduringly significant.


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