The Continuum of Understanding

By Matthew.viel – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The Continuum of Understanding
Information is also not the end of the continuum of understanding. Just as data can be transformed into meaningful information, so can information be transformed into knowledge and, further, into wisdom.
By Nathan Shedroff

Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Wisdom

The Continuum of Understanding
Information Interaction Design: Unified Field Theory of Design
Producers, consumers, context, data, information, knowledge, wisdom

Conversational acts > Conversational maxims

Paul_GriceConversational acts > Conversational maxims:

  • QUANTITY: Don’t say too much or too little
    • QUALITY: Don’t say what you don’t believe or what you have no reason to believe
    • RELEVANCE: Be relevant
      • MANNER:
        – Be brief
        – Be orderly
        – Avoid obscurity
        – Avoid ambiguity

Paul Grice

Think Again
Duke University
Coursera, September 2014


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