Tablet technology & joint attention

Parenting In The Age Of Apps: Is That iPad Help Or Harm?
March 16, 2014

Dr. Dimitri Christakis, a pediatrician

“One thing children of all ages never say or never even think when they interact with passive media is, ‘I did it,'” he says. “Because of course, you don’t do anything when you watch a screen. But you do do things when you interact with a touchscreen device.”

media consumption

overstimulation damages young brains

mouse model of overstimulation -> deficits in cognition

iPads are only 4 years old
Because tablet technology is so new, pediatric researchers don’t have a lot of data on how touchscreen devices affect children.
“Unfortunately, the pace of research is much, much slower than the pace of technological advances,” Christakis says.
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there’s no reason why a caregiver can’t use an app with their child,” he says.
“It’s a great opportunity for what we call ‘joint attention‘ — the interactions between a child and a caregiver, the back-and-forth, which is critical not just to language development, but brain development.”


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