People think they’re giving constructive criticism

Ja Rule: ‘I Took It Upon Myself To Become A Man’
June 29, 2014

In a new memoir called Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming a Man, the rapper offers his take on what came next: breakout success, bitter rivalries, Hollywood and fatherhood.

But from the outside, you guys attacking each other seems opposed to a lot of the stuff you write about in your lyrics about trying to break out of the cycle — you know what I mean? It seems like a distraction from that in a way.

You gotta understand where we come from. The hood, it’s kind of crazy, but nobody wants to see you do better than them. And as long as you’re all in the same barrel, and nobody’s climbing out of that barrel, doing better than the other, it’s all good.
But once one makes it out and is doing better than the other, it becomes an issue; it becomes a problem.
And that’s just how we’re bred in the ghettos of America.
We’re bred not to love one another. I don’t know why — maybe it goes as far back as slavery days where the light-skinned black was pitted against the dark-skinned black and things of that nature, where we were just taught to hate. The love is something we just don’t know how to receive, don’t know how to give.

I think it has a lot to do with the makeup of who we are as black people, and also our living conditions.
People just don’t want to see other people doing better than them, and I think a lot of these feuds come from that. It derives from a hatred, it derives from a jealousy, a real dark place. And sometimes it’s subconscious; you don’t even know you’re doing it sometimes.
People think they’re giving constructive criticism, when they’re really just hating on a person because they have more than them.


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