Chicago And A Pair Of Counties Bring Lawsuit Against OxyContin Makers

Chicago And A Pair Of Counties Bring Lawsuit Against OxyContin Makers
July 02, 2014

Two California counties and the city of Chicago, hard hit by OxyContin addiction, are suing the drug’s manufacturers.
Reporter Emily Green says they’re charging that the drug-makers have contributed to an epidemic of prescription drug abuse.

Addiction to painkillers is a national epidemic according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Chou says Santa Clara County is spending millions of dollars in its public hospitals to treat patients suffering from addiction and overdoses. It’s also seen a rise in crime. And he wants the drug companies to pay, like the tobacco companies did in the 1990s after they were sued.
The lawsuits filed by Santa Clara and Orange counties as well as Chicago accuse the pharmaceutical manufactures of purposefully downplaying the risks of painkillers.
Chou says the companies secretly funded what look like mutual advocacy organizations like the American Pain Foundation to promote the drugs.

Teen Abuse of Painkiller OxyContin on the Rise
December 19, 2005


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