Note that the relationship “Epithelial cell” “part of” “Unilaminar epithelium” is not true for all instances of the concept “Epithelial cell”.

Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA)

accessed: May 2019

accessed: May 2019

“Systemic capillary network of subdivision of cardinal body Part”
is this a meaningful name?

Extraglomerular mesangial cell

Gray’s Anatomy 41st edition, 2016

Challenges in Converting Frame-Based Ontology into OWL: the Foundational Model of Anatomy Case-Study
Olivier Dameron, PhD, Daniel L. Rubin, MD, MS, and Mark A. Musen, MD, PhD
AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2005; 2005: 181–185.

NLM Walkthrough
Meliha Yetisgen-Yildiz, PhD
Institute of Translational Health Sciences

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