Oh, boy, what can I accomplish today?

David Crosby’s new solo album, his first such release in two decades, is called Croz.

David Crosby: ‘Serve The Song,’ Not The Self
January 26, 2014

He almost died. A new liver gave him the time he’s had since.

CROSBY: … of course they don’t tell you that. But that’s a pretty close call.

CROSBY: There’s certainly an attitude. It affects you, you know, very strongly.
You feel like every day that you get you wake up and you say, oh, my God, they gave me another one. Oh, boy, what can I accomplish today, you know?
And it makes you really treasure your time.
Yes, there’s a lyric I can think of. In “Time I Have,” I talk about not wanting to waste my time being angry.

CROSBY: (Singing) People do so many things that make me mad, but angry isn’t how I want to spend the time I have. Cognitive dissonance they call it, and I wonder just how small it could be made to be in me.





4 thoughts on “Oh, boy, what can I accomplish today?

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