I can’t believe I won’t exist

‘Life After Life,’ The Many Deaths And Do-Overs Of Ursula Todd
March 28, 2013

On her fascination with the London blitz
I think of all the words I would use for how people behaved it would be stoic. You know, you have to peal away layers of propaganda because there was an immense amount of propaganda in Britain in the second world war which was deemed necessary to keep morale up. So you have to sort of see through that to how people were really feeling and behaving.

On what happens to us after we die
“I think about death a lot, I really do, because I can’t believe I won’t exist.
It’s the ego isn’t it?
I feel that I should retreat into a better form of Zen Buddhism than this kind of ego-dominated thing. But I don’t know, I mean, I want to come back as a tree but I suspect that it’s just not going to happen, is it? I did feel when my mother died if anyone was going to haunt me it would be her. And she hasn’t, so I think it is possibly the end. Oh, we don’t know, do we? We have absolutely no idea. It’s an awfully big adventure, as J.M. Barrie would say.”

Such a fine line between living and dying

Consumed by consumption

In ‘Life After Life,’ Caught In The Dangerous Machinery of History
April 02, 2013


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