Computers Decide Whether You Will Get Your Next Job

Will A Computer Decide Whether You Get Your Next Job?
NPR. December 20, 2013

a couple of years ago, Xerox hired a company to help the company do a better job of finding the right people.
This company, called Evolv, began collecting lots of data about the people applying for jobs at Xerox call centers.
The applicants had to answer extensive surveys with questions like: “Which word better characterizes you: ‘consistent’ or ‘witty’?”
Applicants were tested on pattern recognition and multitasking.

With these new techniques, Xerox says it has been able to improve its hiring and significantly reduce turnover at its call centers.

Other companies that parse employee data are finding surprising results.
Michael Rosenbaum of Pegged Software, a company that works with hospitals, says one piece of conventional wisdom is flat-out wrong: “We find zero statistically significant correlation between a college degree or a master’s degree and success as a software developer.”

Of course, using data to drive hiring decisions has its problems. Employers guided by data could wind up skipping over promising candidates.
But Barbara Marder of the consulting firm Mercer points out that the way companies hire now has its own flaws.

“A lot of these new techniques do have the potential to eliminate biases,” Marder says.

How Do You Find A Job? Ask The Algorithm
November 06, 2009
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