The spectrum of aphasia subtypes

The spectrum of aphasia subtypes and etiology in subacute stroke.
J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 2013 Nov;22(8):1385-92.
Hoffmann M, Chen R.

Aphasia is one of the most common stroke syndrome presentations, yet little is known about the spectrum of different subtypes or their stroke mechanisms.

the first month of stroke presentation, which enabled a diagnosis of 14 different aphasic subtypes.
The evolution from one subtype to another in the acute and subacute period, at times, resulted in more than 1 subtype being diagnosed.

the subtype frequencies included Broca aphasia (n = 170), anomic aphasia (n = 165), global aphasia (n = 119), and subcortical aphasia (n = 57).
Less frequent subtypes (total n = 40) included transcortical aphasia (n = 11), Wernicke aphasia (n = 10), conduction aphasia (n = 7), aphemia (n = 3), semantic aphasia (n = 3), crossed aphasia (n = 3), pure word deafness (n = 2), and foreign accent syndrome (n = 1).

(1) Aphasias are a heterogeneous entity in subtype and etiology;
(2) Broca, global, anomic, and subcortical aphasias accounted for the vast majority of aphasia subtypes;

Aphasia subtypes, stroke


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