Gee’s First Principle: Systems Thinking

Gee’s First Principle on How Good Games Create Deep Understanding: Systems Thinking

most problems of the real world have to do with Complex systems: environment, economy, global immigration, science

Many variables interact in complex ways with each other.

Games are a sort of Model Based Reasoning.

Model Based Reasoning is the foundation of scientific reasoning


Gee. Third Principle: The Cycle of Expertise

Gee. Fourth Principle. Information: Just in time and on demand

Gee. Fifth Principle about good problem solving: Fish Tank
complexity; extremely complex systems; variables; interactions
games initially don’t present you with the full array of complexity of the game


Gee. Sixth principle for how to set up good problem-based learning: Sandboxes
Explore. Take risks.



Gee. Seventh Principle. Skills as Strategies.
to get good at anything you have to master certain skills (practice over and over, but that’s boring)

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