Osprey Orielle Lake: Nature As Guide

Nature As Guide In Perilous Times with Osprey Orielle Lake
New Dimensions. December 4, 2013

her adventures in nature, one of which was to take some inner city young people to the desert where, for the first time in their lives, they experienced the full measure of the night sky filled with stars.

there is no substitute for the visceral experience of “looking up at night sky and taking a moment to realize, wow, we’re on this spaceship earth, as Bucky Fuller was famous to say . . . how does that affect our actions and our choices when we remember that we are part and particle of this great, mysterious, numinous journey called life; I think the stars give us that.
When we don’t have that, our experience as a human being is actually diminished.
I think we need the measure of seeing the stars, remember where we are, why we’re here, what we’re doing here in this truly amazing miracle called life.”


Book: The last child in the woods


patient recovery is faster when they have a window

author: Bucky Fuller:
“the best thing you can do is start building the reality you want, and other people will come”

Moldives Islands: to another country

Uprisings for the Earth: Reconnecting Culture with Nature (White Cloud Press 2010)


Topics explored in this dialogue include:
◦ Why nature programs on TV should not be a substitute for being in nature
◦ Why is it necessary for children to have time to play in nature
◦ Why it is important to see the full night sky beyond the city lights
◦ Why we need to listen to indigenous peoples, who have been holding many keys to ancestral knowledge

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