Paul Davies – The eerie silence: Are we alone in the Universe?

Paul Davies – The eerie silence: Are we alone in the Universe?
ANUchannel. June 12, 2012

Quixotic quest

Probabilities exceedingly low. But if not tried, probabilities = 0

Novel by Karl Sagan

Jodie Foster uses headsets to hear for signals (fantasy)

habitability vs. habited: concepts frequently confused by the media

Origin of Matter: we know about it
Origin of life: ?

before: “Life is so complex, that it would never happen again”

19:13 Vital Dust (book):
“Life is a cosmic imperative”

19:45 a switch in sentiment NOT based on any science

We don’t know how life came to exist, therefore we can’t estimate the odds.

20:25 Hypothesis of the cosmic imperative. How can we test it?

22:30 If we find life on Mars, probably it came from Earth.

26:15 shadow biosphere

28:30 Traditional SETI: very anthropocentric

?galactic beacon

32:00 Terrestrial engineering. Astroengineering.

35:30 Fermi paradox

37:35 Earth could have been visited along 4.5 billion years

38:24 Alien footprints … 100 million years old
1. Buried nuclear waste
2. Buried quarries or mines on Earth, or surface mining traces on moon, asteroids, etc.
3. Biotechnology

55:50 The Hubble distance

see also:

journal Astrobiology

Is Mining on the Moon’s Horizon?
Dec. 8, 2013

A Quixotic Quest to Mine Asteroids
The Wall Street Journal
April 23, 2012

A bacterium that can grow by using arsenic instead of phosphorus.
F. Wolfe-Simon, J. Switzer Blum, T.R. Kulp, G.W. Gordon, S.E. Hoeft, J. Pett-Ridge, J.F. Stolz, S.M. Webb, P.K. Weber, P.C.W. Davies, A.D. Anbar and R.S. Oremland
Science. (2011). 332: 1163-1166.

To hype, or not to(o) hype: Communication of science is often tarnished by sensationalization, for which both scientists and the media are responsible
EMBO Rep. 1 April 2012: 303-307.

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