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Section 1434

Social Studies

1. Non-intellective traits & Academic achievement

2. Primary prevention of mental disorders


July 23, 2014
Louisiana is a bit of a twilight zone right now because …

Charter Schools, Money And Test Scores
July 22, 2014
TED KOLDERIE: This is the kind of “study” we’ve been seeing for years and years, that falls into the category of advocacy research. Pretty soon you’ll have another study showing just the opposite.
TED KOLDERIE: Is achievement, performance, success, quality really one-dimensional?
charters often depend on districts to pay for big budget items like school lunches and transportation. Charters also don’t enroll nearly as many special education students, who are more expensive to teach.

Go Play Outside! Outdoor Time Promotes Physical Activity in Youth
July 10th, 2014

Soft Drinks and Behavioral Problems in Young Children
August 16, 2013

Using Active Videogaming (“Exergaming”) to Improve Children’s Health
May 17, 2013

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Aerobics – Evaluating the New “R” in Academic Performance
February 28, 2013

Most Preschool-Age Children Exceed Daily Screen Time Recommendations
October 28, 2010

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Social Cognition

How many Cochrane reviews are there?
How many of them are conclusive?
Is it ever possible to achieve the truth? Or are we just dealing with wishful thinking?

Actualmente existen 206 UGEL distribuidas en 26 Direcciones Regionales de Educación.

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