Future Of Primary Care? Some Say ‘Medical Home’

Future Of Primary Care? Some Say ‘Medical Home’
August 26, 2010

the “patient-centered medical home.”

Dr. DOUG COUPER (Primary Care Physician): I was here for 12-hour days and felt like at times, like I had no personal life and no flexibility. And I was in this office or in the two exam rooms and just spent the time ping-ponging back and forth.

ROVNER: It got so bad at one point, he even considered leaving medicine. But he realized he couldnt.

Dr. COUPER: That’s not where I want to go. I really like taking care of patients. I like the interaction, that personal one-on-one encounter.

The idea, says Letourneau, is to have everyone “practicing at the top of their license

Another way Couper has improved his efficiency is his use of the nonhuman member of his team: Martin’s Point’s electronic medical record.

“We are used to, in America, ‘more is better.’ We apply that to health care,” she says.
“We assume that more health care is better, and it is not. And, in fact, it is often dangerous to us.”

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