CTE: What is the prevalence?

When It Comes To Brain Injury, Authors Say NFL Is In A ‘League Of Denial’
October 07, 2013

Pathologist Bennet Omalu found Mike Webster had a disease that would be called chronic traumatic enceph alopathy, or CTE.
The disease can cause the behavioral changes that afflicted Webster.
He was sure the CTE came from repeated pounding on the football field.

The league sent its findings to the medical journal Neurosurgery, says Fainaru-Wada.
“They publish in that journal repeatedly over the period of several years, papers that really minimize the dangers of concussions.
They talk about [how] there doesn’t appear to be any problem with players returning to play.
They even go so far as to suggest that professional football players do not suffer from repetitive hits to the head in football games.”

On reaching a scientific consensus linking football to brain injury

Fainaru: I do think there is a consensus now among neuroscientists. I think the real question now is, what is the prevalence, is it still relatively rare, or is this something that’s an epidemic, as some people have suggested?

Neuroimaging of Cognitive Dysfunction and Depression in Aging Retired National Football League Players
JAMA Neurol. March 2013;70(3):326-335.


Karina Hollekim. BASE jumping.

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