Spies And Novelists Both ‘Accomplished Liars,’ Says New Bond Author

Solo by William Boyd

Spies And Novelists Both ‘Accomplished Liars,’ Says New Bond Author
October 05, 2013

On the kinship between spies and novelists
Having written three spy novels now … I began to see, there’s a certain overlap between the world of the spy or the double agent and the world of the novelist.
And I think that overlap occurs not in any kind of intrepid way — because most writers are abject cowards — but in the way they look at the world. And I think spies and novelists look at the world with the same intent, curious gaze.

Bond wants a relationship and very often the women he has relationships with are damaged in some way. And I think this reflects Ian Fleming’s psyche, in that he gave Bond a lot of his tastes and a lot of his traits and his needs and complexes.


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