The laws of physics are like an onion

Lawrence Krauss & Marcelo Gleiser on Something from Nothing
TTBOOK. June 3, 2012

Why is there something rather than nothing?
Physicist Lawrence Krauss claims we may finally have an answer, though fellow physicist Marcelo Gleiser is skeptical.

6:48 Is science in the business of helping us find meaning?

6:55 the last few thousand years have shown us is that the domain of religion and philosophy is shrinking.

7:30 Richard Dawkins has written the afterword, claiming that Krauss has demolished the theological arguments in cosmology, just as Charles Darwin did in biology.
And I will say, Krauss does not mince words when he talks about religious ideas about creation.

Is the universe ultimately knowable?
Krauss: Well, there may be. I mean, I wrote a book about Richard Feynman and Feynman would say, you know, maybe the laws of physics are like an onion, you just keep peeling it back and there are an infinite numbers of layers and you never have a theory of everything.


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