‘Memory Pinball’ And Other Reasons You Need A Nap

‘Memory Pinball’ And Other Reasons You Need A Nap
September 08, 2013

We’ve known the functions of the other three main biological drives, which are eating, drinking and reproducing. But this question of sleep still remains that archetypal mystery.

Research on learning suggests “sleep is critical at almost all stages of memory formation, memory processing and long-term memory retention,” he says.

“There seems to be some type of memory processing that’s creative that starts to take pieces of information that we’ve learned recently and starts trying to test the connections between that recent information and all of the information you’ve got stored in your brain,” he says. “So it’s almost like memory pinball — you’re bouncing that information around, you’re testing which connections to build.”

You can’t learn information as effectively. So, pulling the all-nighter is a very bad idea.
Your brain is about 40 percent less effective without sleep in terms of absorbing new information.


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