Just as important … is how you say it

How to Criticize Your Boss — Nicely
May 3, 2011

catch phrases like “well obviously,” “you know,” and “to be honest

Just as important as what you say to him or her is how you say it.

offering unsolicited advice … “It adds to the complexity if there is a power differential.”

the fillers we use can make us less effective when we speak.

I realize more and more that when someone says ‘to be honest,’ it can sound like they weren’t telling the truth before

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Is This How You Really Talk?

 it’s all in the tone and it’s all in the delivery.
And it’s all in how you perspective where that perspective is coming from.


‘Would you be willing?’: words to turn a conversation around (and those to avoid)
Choose your words carefully and you can get someone to change their mind, or see you in a new light
Rosie Ifould
4 Dec 2017


3 thoughts on “Just as important … is how you say it

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