Why and how do we engage? — Simran Sethi

Why and how do we engage? — Simran Sethi
TEDxCibeles. Jul 12, 2012.

01:20 As a human species we seek two things: agency & comunion Agency is the desire to get ahead, to achieve mastery and to individuate. Communion is the desire to get along and to relate to others.

10:25 psychologists have almost no evidence that information changes people’s decision making. We tend to believe the facts and embrace the facts that already confirm our world view .
It’s called confirmation bias. And we tend to disregard the facts that don’t align with that view.
This is how we make sense of the world.

Psychologist Anthony Leiserowitz says that as a human species, we didn’t evolve to handle the complex problems that we’re seeing today; that we’re still walking around with the same brains that we had 200,000 years ago.

12:10 Risk researcher Paul Slovic says that we start to desensitize after magnitudes of one.

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Paul Slovic, a prominent psychologist in the realm of risk

9 Lessons on How We Engage
February 4, 2013


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