Raymond Kurzweil then demonstrated the computer, which he built himself — a desk-size affair with loudly clacking relays, hooked up to a typewriter. The panelists were pretty blasé about it; they were more impressed by Kurzweil’s age than by anything he’d actually done. But Kurzweil would spend much of the rest of his career working out what his demonstration meant.,9171,2048299,00.html


Washington, B.C. is a blasé and socially  jaded city where almost anything can  happen without drawing a crowd.  But even Washingtonians were impressed one  blazing afternoon last week  by a pastoral scene near suburban Olney, across the  District line in  Maryland. The throb of hooves on turf, the click of mallets on  willow root balls, and the clink of ice in highball glasses were  enough to  identify the occasion as a polo match, but the diplomatic  license tags and the  Caddies and Jags that outlined the field indicated  that it was of…,9171,893043,00.html


In colleges throughout the land last week janitors and charladies began once more to shuffle about their leisurely jobs. Pop-eyed new students and blasé old ones busied themselves with multitudinous activities. College presidents delivered themselves of sapient dicta. College merchants once more did business. The Press delivered its annual salutes to learning.,9171,746136,00.html


Nervous. Iowa’s cows and chickens were blasé about ordinary airplanes. They had seen three other Register and Tribune monoplanes weave a zig-zag pattern in the Hawkeye skies. But they were vaguely uneasy about the flying windmill that landed like a…,9171,789378,00.html


Parisians, wholesomely blasé to most human foibles, read last week with revulsion of the strange cravings of geophagists.,9171,729830,00.html


Even blasé New Yorkers gawked at the razzle-dazzle last week when Food Fair Stores Inc. opened two spick & span new supermarkets. Skywriting planes swept overhead. Models paraded by in hats adorned with lobsters and sirloin steaks. Mayor Impellitteri came to shop, Tex & Jinx McCrary put on a broadcast, and television’s Dagmar, surrounded by a crowd of 7,000, had her automobile license plates ripped off as souvenirs. Inside the air-conditioned stores, shoppers snatched at bargains (chicken at 39¢ a lb.), boggled at such curiosities as ostrich eggs at $45 apiece, llama steaks at $2.50 a lb.,9171,859316,00.html


The prophets of economic disaster have so long pointed out the dangers to Germany in hopelessly inflating her paper currency that Wall Street has become blasé to the impending financial collapse of Germany.,9171,716404,00.html


Reluctant but extraordinary tributes were paid last week by Paris’ most blasé correspondents to Premier Pierre Laval, the shrewd, earthy “Honest Broker” of the negotiations to make peace at Ethiopia’s expense.,9171,755506,00.html


“Why, a woman is going to ride horseback from Columbus Circle to 42nd St. dressed like Lady Godiva. You’d better stay over and see.”

“Oh boy! Will I stay?” shouted Detroiter. “Why, I haven’t seen a horse for 20 years!”

That the blasé dinner guests who tell this story are being more apt than risqué,…,9171,736730,00.html



The Labyrinth of Technology: A Preventive Technology and Economic Strategy as a Way Out
By Willem H. Vanderburg
University of Toronto Press, Nov 2000
Chapter 10. Work
Low-strain jobs are found in situations where there are few psychological demands and high levels of control. In these so-called leisurely jobs, people are actually made healthier and happier at work. The high level of control allows such workers to optimally respond to their duties with minimal psychological strain. The work of most natural scientists, senior professors, and architects falls in this quadrant. Some lower-status jobs such as repairman, lineman, and foreman, also fit this category.

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