Scouting for Intellect (

Scouting for Intellect: Sue Khim at TEDxUChicago 2013
Jun 4, 2013

Sue Khim is the CEO of Brilliant.
Brilliant is a problem-solving website in mathematics and science for high aptitude students.
Brilliant aims to democratize the way smart, driven youth are identified and developed by making an intellectually challenging environment available online.
Prior to Brilliant, she founded Alltuition, the TurboTax for college financial aid. In 2012, she was one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in education. During college, she worked as a developer on several projects in higher education and financial services.
She is currently on leave from pursuing her undergraduate math degree at the University of Chicago.

cited by:
Giving Brightest Kids The ‘Cram School’ Experience, Online
July 23, 2013


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