The Evolving Minds Of Humans

The Evolving Minds Of Humans
November 12, 2010

Why do humans have consciousness? In his new book, Self Comes To Mind, neurologist Antonio Damasio argues that consciousness gave humans an evolutionary advantage.
Damasio describes the differences between self and mind, and traces the evolutionary path of the human brain.

it’s not only humans that can have access to consciousness or minds

defining consciousness, figuring out how it evolved, where it resides in the brain makes quantum entanglement seem easy

that plan is in fact our anticipated future.
We have made plans. We have revised plans. And more important than all of that, we have committed those plans to memory, so that we can, in an almost paradoxical way, say that we have memories of the future.


Prof. DAMASIO: I would spend the rest of my life inside the brainstem, not necessarily of humans but even of other species, to look at the very interesting way in which that fusion of body and brain does take place.

the fact that, clearly, violence has been declining. I mean, I just heard yesterday that fewer shots were fired by the New York police this year or this past year than ever before in history. That’s just one little clue. But I think there is this diminution of violence and the fact that we are not tolerating violence as much as we did in the past is a sign that there is this evolution within the culture that is being created by this freedom we have to act on it.


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