The Brain As An Analogy Machine

The Brain As An Analogy Machine

How humans think.  The human brain as an analogy machine.
April 26, 2013

14: banana … analogy is much more frequent

15:50 “Genious is the ability to make metaphors”

Complex numbers were not born from metaphors.

Controversial areas?

< 37 “my reality” Certainly, but … language is universal, e.g. road, slippery slope, …

38:15 simplistic analogy
38:20 We have to learn how to pick and choose among our perceptions of the world. It’s very easy to fall for stereotypes. Stereotypes are rampant.
38:33 It’s also necessary for us to have stereotypes. We can’t know everything in infinite detail. We have to make snap judgements.

bad analogies

See also:

Are we pre-dispositioned to make stereotypes?
Aug 2011

2 thoughts on “The Brain As An Analogy Machine

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