This is Your Brain on Comedy

This is Your Brain on Comedy

Chris Bliss explores the inherent challenge of communication, and how comedy opens paths to new perspectives.

Chris Bliss is a national headline comedian, with credits including the Tonight Show and the Late Show with David Letterman, as well as an internationally renowned variety artist, opening for superstars from Eric Clapton to Michael Jackson.

In 2005, he founded, with the mission of creating monuments and permanent displays of the Bill of Rights in civic spaces across America. The organization expects to dedicate America’s first monument celebrating the Bill of Rights at the Arizona Capitol Mall, in December of 2012.

economy of language … punch line

an information delivery system that scores markedly higher in both credibility and retention than the professional news media.
Now this is double ironic when you consider that what gives comedy its edge at reaching around people’s walls is the way that it uses deliberate misdirection.

… a great piece of comedy is a verbal magic trick. When you think it’s going over here and all of a sudden you’re transported over here. And there’s this mental delay that is followed by laughter.

My suggestion to those of you who are seriously focused on creating a better world is: take a little bit of time each day and practice thinking funny.

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