The Value of a Neighborhood

The Value of a Neighborhood
April 26, 2013

Peter Lovenheim, author of the book “In the Neighborhood,” set out to answer those questions in an intensive study of his own neighborhood.

Six Words

Six Words: Ask Who I Am, Not What
March 13, 2013
Charleyy Sullivan, a historian and rowing coach at the University of Michigan, learned that lesson after an encounter when he was in the seventh grade. His six words: “Where are you from? No answers.”

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Quentin Tarantino

Movies Showcase Mississippi’s Villainous Role
February 19, 2013
Quentin Tarantino’s slavery revenge story Django Unchained, has been nominated for a number of Oscars. The spaghetti western is up for best picture, original screenplay and actor Christoph Waltz has been nominated for his supporting role in the film. The state of Mississippi plays a supporting role too, but Mississippians are tired of being typecast.

Learning How To Code-Switch: Humbling, But Necessary

Learning How To Code-Switch: Humbling, But Necessary
by Eric Deggans
April 10, 2013
For linguists, code-switching describes the simple act of switching between two languages in a conversation.
But in today’s increasingly multicultural, multiethnic society, the term’s deeper meaning involves shifting between different cultures as you move through life’s conversations — choosing your communication style based on the people you’re dealing with.

Six Moments Of Code-Switching In Popular Culture 
April 12, 2013

Creative Classes: An Artful Approach To Improving Performance

a three-part series about the intersection of education and the arts.

Part I:
Creative Classes: An Artful Approach To Improving Performance 
April 16, 2013
if test scores do improve at these schools, should the credit go to the arts? Child psychologist Ellen Winner says no.
“We could not find any studies that convinced us that there was a causal link between teaching the arts and performance on test scores,” Winner says.
“And we thought that this made a lot of sense because the kinds of thinking skills and habits of mind that students learn when they study the arts are a far cry from what’s tested on multiple-choice, standardized tests.”

The Turnaround Arts Initiative

Part II:
More Than 50 Years Of Putting Kids’ Creativity To The Test
April 17, 2013
the Next Generation Creativity Survey, it’s used to help measure creativity a bit like an IQ test measures intelligence.

James Catterall, a psychologist and director of the Centers for Research on Creativity in Los Angeles, says the simple answer is that if society, business and education demands creativity, then we need to know when it’s happening

part III:
In D.C., Art Program Turns Boys’ Lives Into ‘Masterpieces’
April 18, 2013

Life Pieces to Masterpieces