Put Down Your E-Reader: This Book Is Better In Print

(7 min 20 sec)
the book is a nearly perfect technology as it is, and that is why it’s been around for so long,” says Karen Lotz, president and publisher of Candlewick Press — the publishing house that released The Odyssey in the U.S.

“People tend to remember the books that they had when they were children as physical objects,” Lotz says. “They remember what the book felt like in their hand, where it sat in their room, they take it under the covers at night, they take it outside to read under a tree. It’s a very precious object, it gets some power over us as we read it, it sort of becomes part of us and we become part of it in a very interesting way.”


Niveles de comprensión lectora: literal, inferencial y crítico.
Nicaragua Educa


The Science of Reading Research
What Research Says About Reading Pages 12-17
March 2004 | Volume 61 | Number 6
G. Reid Lyon and Vinita Chhabra

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association




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