The Language of Science Fiction

September 9, 2012 (originally: 09.25.2011)

China Miéville on “Embassytown”
China Miéville´s new novel is called “Embassytown.”  It features aliens that speak a strange language in a strange way — with two voices simultaneously.  Miéville spoke with Anne Strainchamps about “Embassytown.”


A Case Against The Phrase ‘No Problem’
February 01, 2015

Boston Globe language columnist Ben Zimmer

Blessed Sheriff: HOPE

The Alphabetic Principle and Learning to Read
Haskins Laboratories Status Report on Speech Research, 1990
Liberman IY, Shankweiler D, & Liberman AM, 1989


Mind Control: How to win the war in your head | Owen Fitzpatrick | TEDxTallaght



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